So, what is Openstage?

Openstage is the missing link between a performer/promoter and fans - We give you control of when and where an event takes place – whether you’re a fan, an artist or a promoter. By doing this we can create a world stage together. Through us, fans can connect with artists, performers, promoters and even venues and agents. This is a performance hub, through which events can be created with reduced risk, by fans, performers or promoters.

I'm a Fan

You don’t currently have much say in when or where you see your favourite artists perform. Openstage changes that. Now you have a direct way to tell them exactly where you want to see them perform and if enough of you agree you could be in luck! If you have a favourite artist, DJ or other performer – search for them to see if they’re performing near you. If they’re not – this is your chance to change things.

How? Openstage gives power back to you the fans in three unique ways.

Encourage your favourite artists to play in your City
  1. Imagine how fantastic it would be to bring the show to you! Your favourite band in your town and you made it happen. The quickest and easiest way to tell an artist where you want them to perform is to place a magnet in your desired location. This can be as specific as a small town, or a more general, larger location such as London or NYC . Set the distance you’re prepared to travel to/from that location and your chosen artist will be able to see exactly where they are wanted.

  2. The more magnets that appear, the more likely an artist will create an event in that location, so get sharing on social media to increase support for your dream event. The more people you have interacting with your magnets, the more likely the events will actually happen. You can tweet and share directly from Openstage, and connect your Facebook to see what magnets your friends have placed and the events they’re going to.

Tell the artist how much you’re prepared to pay
  1. Once you’ve placed your magnet you will be given the option to geo-fund your tickets to the potential event.

  2. Geo-funding is a unique way to join a virtual queue to get tickets to a future event. In simple terms, you’re saying you’re going help fund the event by buying a ticket. Therefore, you will get first priority on tickets should the event go ahead.

  3. You state a realistic amount of money you’re prepared to pay to see your chosen artist perform. Obviously you need to state an amount you would normally expect to pay for the relevant level of artist.

  4. And don’t worry – if the event is confirmed but for some reason you can no longer make it, you can opt out and no money will be taken.

Show your interest in existing events
  1. When an event is created by an artist with fixed ticket prices but not enough people have commmitted to buy tickets to hit the financial tipping point that would make that event viable, you can add yourself to the list of people committed to buy tickets from the options presented. If the tipping point is then reached, you’ll have guaranteed tickets.

  2. In the case that an event you’re interested in has already reached the required tipping point – you’re in luck. You can simply buy your tickets as you would on any other ticket site.

It’s risk free

Openstage is committed to a fair and risk-free experience for fans, so no money is exchanged until the event is confirmed to happen: the money you agree to in your geo-fund will only be debited from your chosen card once the event is confirmed to go ahead and you confirm you still want tickets for it. You will always be given ten days from the point at which the event is confirmed to say if you don’t want tickets anymore.

You’re making magic happen

It’s so simple - if enough people commit to buy tickets in a specific place, the artist has a guaranteed audience and your desired event could become a reality. So use your social networks and influence as a fan to make it happen.

EXPLORE confirmed and pending events
SEARCH artists and encourage them to perform in your town
REGISTER as a fan

See the fans FAQ page for more information on how the Openstage experience gives you the power to attend #eventsyourway.

I'm an Artist

Imagine the bliss of never performing to a half empty venue again. Think how nice it would be to go where you’re desperately wanted by your loyal fans…sometimes in places you never dreamed of. As a performer or promoter, OpenStage will work for you in two rather awesome ways:

Fans tell you where they want you

Quite simply – they can indicate their desire to see you play by dropping a magnet in their chosen location. If loads of fans do the same thing, you’re officially wanted and you can decide to put that location on your tour itinerary. Essentially you can make sure you sell out an event before you confirm. You can use your own social media channels and other marketing to ask your fans where they want to see you. Encourage them to use Openstage to show you where they want you by dropping magnets and see the patterns emerge.

You can choose whether to set targets for locations to ensure your fans are never disappointed. Obviously, if for whatever reason you don’t want to play in a particular place, regardless, that’s up to you. Openstage just helps you monitor desire – similar to seeing yourself tagged in social media posts. It can help you plan for the future.

You can test market demand for events/gigs

The site also allows you to support tentative events you have coming up. Perhaps you've always wanted to play in Manchester but you're not sure if people will buy tickets. Sorted; create the event on OpenStage, plug it on social networking platforms and once you receive enough interest to make it viable, you can make it happen. In the case of tentative events, all you have to do is tell us the venue (we’ll contact them before we confirm the event and take any money from fans -to verify it’s a genuine provisional event) and then start promoting like mad on social media. If you don’t reach your tipping point (see below in What Happens Next?), then you can either cancel the event or book into a smaller venue which matches the numbers you do have committed to come. No one loses any money

What happens next?

Basically, either you or your fans create a possible event in a location. Once an OpenStage event has been created, fans commit money in principle against their bank or credit card to attend. They are then encouraged to plug it like mad on social media to increase the number of commitments for the event. As the performer/promoter, you set a tipping point that has to be reached in order for you to perform that event (this can either be a required be number of people or a target amount for committed funds).

It’s risk free all round!

What makes OpenStage so unique is that no money is exchanged until the event is confirmed as happening; the money fans pledge will only be debited once the event is confirmed to go ahead and they’ve had ten days from the point of confirmation to change their mind. If enough fans commit to buy tickets, you have a risk-free event - you made it happen. If the Tipping Point you set you can adjust your parameters, reduce event size or change dates and know whatever you do go with will have a guaranteed audience.

CREATE an event REGISTER as an artist. See the artists FAQ page for more information on how the Openstage experience gives you the power to create #eventsyourway.